Ocsober 1

My name is Jenny and I am not an alcoholic.

I say this despite the Third Edition copy of Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism sitting next to me, lovingly inscribed by Mike and Caitlin and given to me last night prior to an evening of drinking.

My name is Jenny and I am not an alcoholic.

I say this despite the fact that for the last few days I have been questioning why exactly I decided to do this and worrying that I’ll fail.

My name is Jenny and… I am not an alcoholic?

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I should make it clear that this will not be a month of me protesting at every turn that I don’t have a problem and really guys this is just sorta for fun and oh what a lark this all is! That would get old real fast, though you could probably make a pretty nifty drinking game out of it. Everyone take a drink every time she feels compelled to explain/justify why she’s doing this!

The deal is this: I need to hit a reset button of sorts, and this seemed a good way to start. I know people who occasionally stop drinking for a month and have always thought it sounded like a good idea, but never seriously considered doing it myself. Now is as good a time as any though and with summer over and the holidays still a safe distance away, October made sense. Plus, there’s no point in doing something if you can’t market it in a gimmicky way and between Sober ‘tober and Ocsober (Joe’s contribution), what’s not to love? So, starting today, I am not drinking for one month. The jury’s still out on how Halloween will be handled… My companion vice to alcohol – video lottery – is also out for the month. And just for good measure, I’m throwing nail biting in there too, though its connection to the first two is negligible.

I really have no idea what to expect. Given the gusto with which I celebrated my final night of drinking last night, I spent today so hungover that drinking is the last thing that sounds good right now. So, Day 1 has been a piece of cake! A night out tomorrow with friends should prove interesting – I see a lot of Diet Coke in my future. In these early, dreamy days, I envision reaping all sorts of collateral benefits from this endeavor: shinier hair, glowing skin, improved physical fitness, more energy, money, fame… You get the picture.

How this will all go down remains to be seen, and then documented here. As I started telling people that I wanted to do this, I got a lot of confused looks and “Uh, why?” I felt the same way for awhile. Then, as I realized that I was actually kind of terrified at the prospect, that fear and anxiety became the very reason that I decided to go forward. Some of it is going to suck and some of it will probably be a lot easier than I expect – either way, I’m committed.



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