Mid-weekend update

I should probably wait and do a full recap after I’ve made it through the whole weekend, but am looking for any excuse not to work on unpacking my apartment – where I have lived for a month and a half now – but that’s an entirely different story…

After Thursday’s horrific hangover, Friday was downright delightful. Did our semi-annual Italian dinner thing with Caitlin last night (Gino’s in Sellwood is delicious, for all you Portlanders) and then met up with Joe and Tony at a bar. The whole thing was a little surreal, what with the not drinking and all, but still fun, obviously. Yes, a glass of wine with dinner would have been nice, but I didn’t miss it all that much.  At Kay’s, we introduced Tony to the game Sorry and fueled by two Diet Cokes, I came back from nearly getting my ass handed to me to win one game and narrowly lose the second. I think this predicts good things for me playing sober poker. That, or Sorry is not a terribly difficult game.

Life is pretty much status quo right now, but it’s only Day 3. I have decided that since I want to spend tonight unpacking, I’m probably going to drink a Red Bull. Not sure that’s any better for me than booze though… I’m curious to see what the first real test of my resolve will be. I was very aware, walking home from Kay’s last night, of all the bars I was passing that – in an altered state – I would be very likely to wander into for one last beer and some gambling. Last night though, I kept on walking and my Slanket and I were safely parked on the couch by 9:30. Sad? Maybe. Cheap fun? Definitely!


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