collateral damage

I wrote about the collateral benefits I hoped to reap – energy, beauty, wisdom, fortune – but I didn’t take into account potential negative outcomes, namely, exhaustion.

I have consumed so much caffeine today that it’ll be a miracle if I get to sleep before 2 a.m. It’s not that I drank coffee or Diet Coke every time I would have normally had alcohol, but if I’m not careful it will likely become my go-to for the next month. Coffee with breakfast this morning, a stop at Starbucks before a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, a Diet Coke this evening and then another at a movie tonight. Between that and the Milk Duds that I called dinner, I might end up being the only person who actually gains weight during a booze fast…

Tomorrow brings a renewed commitment to a more balanced approach to healthy living – lots of water, salad for lunch and starting Pilates up again. I’m 4 days in, happily surprised that it’s not more difficult and hoping that I have some sort of internal struggle soon, if for no other reason than to have something to write about!


One thought on “collateral damage

  1. From someone who was recently sober for many months…you need to buy a lot of flavored mineral water. Buy some flavored syrup and put it in there too. That much Diet Coke could be worse than drinking! Also there are many tasty flavors of lemonade, just check out TJs. And luckily you have all the warm drinks that are perfect for Sober ‘tober, apple cider, coffee, tea, chai, hot chocolate. yum.

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