Things considered tonight at the Blazer game with Caitlin (while I watched her drink a $7 beer):

–  Is O’Doul’s allowed? Why would I even consider drinking O’Doul’s?

– Maybe I should bring a six-pack of O’Doul’s on Saturday while hanging out with the Mikkelsens.

– If I do, maybe MegaMom and I should beer bong O’Doul’s.

– How long before someone (obviously someone who doesn’t know me very well) thinks I’m pregnant?

– What happens if this takes and I want to keep going after October is up?

– Who is going to host the reverse intervention?

– What would you pour down my throat to bring me back  into the fold? Beer or shots?


One thought on “briefly…

  1. There are much tastier NA beers than O’Douls. I’m up for a beer bong ;)Maybe we could have a reverse intervention together.

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