I’m at just about the halfway point. In some ways it feels like it’s been a really long two weeks and in some ways not. Pretty ho-hum right now – it’s not very difficult to not drink. Sigh… Am I boring? It certainly helps my resolve that I haven’t been feeling great lately – definitely fighting off the numerous bugs going around. Actually, not drinking has probably helped keep me healthy! Coupla notes:

– I drank one of the two remaning O’Doul’s the other night as I cooked. It was less than three days removed from my NA beer binge, but it sounded good. I think I just really enjoy having a beer while I cook, for some reason.

– Possible HH with Drunk Guy tonight. I have already proven that I can set foot in a bar and enjoy a Diet Coke. However, given my sore throat, it’s going to be tempting to order a hot toddy or something of that ilk. Instead, hot tea at happy hour? Can I really do that and maintain the illusion that I’m full of youth and vitality?  Given that the following is the geriatric themed to-do list I made this morning, I think not:

-Benefits reenrollment
-Check retirement acct.
-Casino Night ticket (keep in mind it’s at a senior center)
-Make eye appt.
-Make dentist appt.
I am old. And sober. Slanket and I will be over there if you need us.

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