By request

This one’s for Molly, faithful reader, pseudo-sponsor and ardent supporter of Ocsober. Interesting, given that normally she’s quite the enabler… Not just of drinking, but of other things that share the twin distinctions of being both fun and potentially damaging – unnecessary clothes purchases and hilarious but ill-advised late night walks come to mind.

Anyway, Molly requested an update, so Molly shall get an update. This is a piece of cake. Truly. Yep, I was offered a glass of wine at the hair salon tonight (fabulous new cut and color, btw), but I said “no thank you” without missing a beat and justified the high price of beauty by reminding myself that I haven’t spent a dime on alcohol in nearly three weeks. I do think I’ll have the last O’Doul’s tonight, but that’s partly ’cause it’s there and partly because I’ll be cooking, which as we learned last week is a time when I really dig a cold beer.

So, as it stands now – booze-free for 19 days so far. Loving the fact that I fought off illness last week, the good sleep I’ve been getting and the general Pollyannaness of my mood lately. Seattle in a few days will be a bit of a test, but nothing I can’t handle. Seriously Molly, you can drink, it’ll be ok – I won’t mind! I sorta wanna see what the Kort Haus is like sober… Maybe in the absence of beer I’ll be bored enough to consider ordering something off the “exotic meat” menu… ? Eww. But maybe.

p.s.  Scratch that, no O’Doul’s tonight. Given the late hour, I opted for a Trader Joe’s easy mac dinner. Box to belly in under ten minutes, so that doesn’t count as cooking. I’ll save the “beer” for another night and enjoy sparkling water with my mac and some tv.


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