Sober in Seattle

I went. I didn’t drink. I conquered.

Spent last weekend Seattleing it up with MK – the usual fooding, shopping, senior centering – minus alcohol. It was fabulous as always and I don’t think my little project got in the way at all. If anything, it provided a healthy dose of levity at times. Some of the happenings:

– Lady Party time with the Phinney Ridge gals on Friday night. After a lackluster attempt at painting the town red (Stay away from the Seamonster Lounge, Seattle – it blows), we ended up having a lovely Italian dinner (hightail it to Perche No, Seattle – it rocks!) Our server kept refilling the 4th wine glass and my dinner companions kept divvying it up until finally we just set the glass aside. He may have wondered why my lips stayed not-purple and the other three never had empty glasses.

– Drinks at my favorite Seattle bar – Oliver’s Twist. Was going to settle for water (or consider asking for a Shirley Temple) when I discovered that the bartender has a special non-alcoholic concoction. Two delicious citrus-ginger something or others later and I was trying to open the door the wrong way as we left. Sober as can be, realiably clumsy.

– Despite the non-alcoholic yumminess, O’s T was hard because they make such damn good cocktails. Much to Molly’s horror, I began my weekend of sniffing other people’s drinks while we were there. My favorite, the Presbyterian (bourbon and ginger) plus some sort of tequila delight are now at the top of the list of drinks I will have when next in Seattle.

– Quick afternoon stop on Saturday for a beer and some football watching at a bar. My NA beer was positively anemic next to Molly’s robustly gorgeous IPA.

– Casino Night at the Greenwood Senior Center on Saturday. Totally fun, despite narrowly losing a trip to Las Vegas – sooo close! Much drinking was going on around me and truly, the greater disappointment was realizing the coffee I drank was decaf. Really, GSC? Really?!

– Helped MK take some of the leftover keg beer home in large wine bottles. Sloshed it around a little too much on the way to the car and it started foaming out around the cork. Nothing to do but lick the bottle to keep it from spilling. Admonishment from MK and the tiniest of amounts of beer, sweet beer, to pass my lips in nearly a month…

– Ate so much candy over the weekend that by the time late night happy hour rolled around on Saturday, post-GSC, all I wanted was iced tea. Normally I would have gone margarita, but I was already feeling the ‘betes, so it didn’t even sound good.

Good weekend… totally easy… Wishing that the month were longer, for reals. I had a suggestion to consider continuing this as Nobender… It is being taken under serious advisement.


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