reverb10: 5

Prompt: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

I wish I was a better liar. Or maybe just that I didn’t feel the overpowering compulsion to be honest here. I suspect that were I to take, uh, creative liberties with this prompt, I could present myself in a more flattering, graceful light than the truth allows. Alas, truthiness compels me.

See, letting go is not what one might call a strong suit of mine. Thankfully, it’s not usually a huge problem. But when it is called for, I perhaps tend toward gracelessness. I wish I could say that I am able to shed badness, excess or simply things that don’t fit (in any sense) with ease and confidence. I hoard memories, experiences and people like some people hoard teapot and National Geographic collections. Generally this is a pleasant thing – fond memories, integral life experiences, people I adore. Sometimes though, I know that being able to willingly and surely loosen my grasp would serve me better in the end.

So yeah, kinda hard to figure out how to attack this prompt. I was so stumped that I actually went back through the folders of 2010 photos on my computer, searching for inspiration. Here’s what I came up with:

– I gave up biting my nails this year, for good. On August 21, as the other bridesmaids in my cousin Sara’s wedding were painting their fingernails, I looked down at my nubbins and realized I was done. Forever. A lifetime of nail biting and a couple failed attempt at quitting behind me, I gave it up cold turkey that afternoon and haven’t looked back. Small potatoes to some, but monumental in my book.

– I also let go of this abysmal creature.

Molly and I had (and still have) twinny phones

This stupid goblin phone was the worst. It was not only a piece of junk at the end, it was also the vehicle for some of the most soul-suckingly awful conversations (and text messages) of my life. Though my new Droid and I probably spend waaaay too much time together, it was with great joy that I shut down the old beast for the last time.

So what have we learned here? Certainly not that I need to change, because that just ain’t gonna happen. Rather, maybe I can work on maneuvering through my own detritus with a bit more grace. Also, I think I’ve earned myself a manicure.


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