reverb10: 6

Prompt: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

This may be a liberal interpretation, but I’m pretty happy with having “made” this last weekend:


It’s pretty to look at, smells nice, and makes my periodic couch sleeping phases (one of which I’m conveniently in right now) that much more enjoyable. Chez JP is quite cozy and festive this time of year and it’s because I make it that way.

About a year ago, Caitlin and I spent an evening at a nifty establishment in my neighborhood, learning tricks of various trades from some DIY masters. We learned how to make radio (as in, what goes into putting a radio show together), bacon and terrariums. The radio thing was interesting, but not likely something I’ll ever do. Making bacon essentially comes down to salting a piece of pork and letting it rot in your fridge for awhile, so I think I’ll stick with the store bought variety, thankyouverymuch. Terrariums, however, fascinated me. Sometimes I’m kind of a dummy and it wasn’t until I had excitedly told my mom about this fashionable new phenomenon I had stumbled on that I realized terrariums have been around for awhile. With a kindness that would have been difficult for me to muster were I in her shoes, my mother pointed out that terrariums were all the rage in the 70’s. The subtext seemed to be that she thought it was a little bizarre that tossing dirt and moss in a fishbowl was making a comeback, but it all seemed so novel to me at the time.

A year later Caitlin and I still haven’t had our terrarium making party, but neither has our attention been captured by whatever the latest crafting craze is, so maybe we’ll get around to it one of these days.


2 thoughts on “reverb10: 6

  1. Your tree is beautiful! I like that we both have tree-related posts. Also, I love terrariums. My grandmother helped me make one when I was little and it lasted for so many years, until the bowl broke.

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