reverb10: 7

Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

Community. Allow me a moment to focus and not drift dreamily toward thoughts of Joel McHale, star of a like-named NBC sitcom. Good Lord, that man is pleasing to the eye…

Buckle up, folks. This one is likely to jump *all* over the place.

I’m reminded of what happened last time I kept a blog with any regularity, back in my Myspace days. There was some stuff about grad school and beer, but mostly it ended up being one giant love letter to and about Doctor Brother and his girlfriend/fiancee/now wife, The Creep. In those days, they were across the country, living the high life in the South Bronx and I missed them desperately. So I wrote anticipatory posts about my visits to them and their visits home, as well as sappy laments after we had parted ways. See, when something captures my interest, I tend to go all in. Those kids were it for me back then.

So it is with little surprise that I find myself writing again about the thing that I have been all in for this year – trivia. Trivia folk, both my team and those that we play against every week, are my people, my community. There are the ones we love to hate (team name, Giant Ass Panda).

Serenity makes vengeance look so adorable.

And the ones we have become honest to goodness friends with.

Indianas 1 and 2.

And in case you thought I was kidding about the first bunch, we really don’t like them.

They are just the worst.

The rivalries, friendships and suspected conspiracies make us a lively community of competitive, semi-drunken misfits. It’s just delightful.

Trivia, as I think I mentioned in an earlier post, has proven itself to be the great motivator that I have tried (and failed) to be for years. When we first played a year ago, I suggested that we actually join the league and make it a regular occurrence. I figured we’d all be gung ho about it to start, and then it would go the way of the weekly poker game (which did have an admirable run in its heyday) and become a once in awhile kind of deal. I tried not to be all weird and forceful about triv in the beginning because sometimes I think I come across a bit too much like a Lemon.

That trivia took hold the way it did and is still going strong sometimes surprises and always pleases me. It’s really nice to be all in and know that other people are right there with me.

For a different take on this prompt, I’d like to send you over to someone who, many years ago, was part of one of the most fantastic communities I’ve ever been a member of – my high school speech team. Rebecca is the one I credit with introducing me to the reverb10 project and her blog is consistently a kickass read. Her post on community is the best thing I’ve read so far today.


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