reverb10: 16

Prompt: Friendship. How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

To be very clear at the beginning, this is not my story to tell. The transformative accomplishments contained herein belong to someone else. This is merely my recapitulation of them, and likely an inadequate one at that.

Change is really hard. No, like really really *really* hard. I think I began the arduous process of learning this when, at the tender (but not tender enough, as I would soon realize) age of 24 or 25, this lifelong cross country skier attempted downhill skiing for the first time. It. Was. Awful. Tumbling down a mountain, hip-to-knee eggplant colored bruise AWFUL. Thus began my descent into realizing that I was getting old, and learning news things is both difficult and also, often extremely painful. Then, eventually, the craptastic lesson that you can’t change another person, nor should you try because changing yourself is a monumental undertaking in itself.

But then, roundabout the end of 2009, this thing happened. My oldest and dearest friend decided to mix it up and – gasp – change her life. And get this… She did. Let me repeat that – she did. All by herself. She made a decision, did the work, stuck to it, and succeeded. It was amazing to watch. From the outside looking in, it was nothing short of spectacular. From the inside, I hope it was as exhilarating for her as it was for those of us who stood by and observed with boundless awe and pride.

I cannot come up with any way to say this that doesn’t reek of cliche, but what Kelsi accomplished this year made me realize that it’s never too late. Change is always possible, if you want it badly enough.


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