reverb10: 18

Prompt: Try. What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

Ugh. This is one of those that I have to make a decision to answer honestly or not so. Not so might go a little something like this: In 2011 I want to try skydiving, French cooking and piano playing! But… no thanks.

As I covered in the last post, 2010 saw me saying yes to all sorts of stuff. Trying isn’t really a problem for me anymore, except for this one thing. This one thing that – were I like everyone else – I should have been doing for exactly half my life by now.


I *verrrry* halfheartedly kinda sorta maybe said I’d start driving this last year and then, well, nope. It’s probably time that I get around to it.

I have exactly zero interest in spending a whole lot of time writing about this. The resistance is partly born of discomfort and partly because it sort of bores me. That said, I recognize that this whole not driving thing is likely a source of confusion and often a source of frustration for others. Thing is – it is precisely those two things for me as well sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. Here is where I should probably insert a couple of key bits of information. There is no great mystery to unravel – I have never had a DUI, no deep-seated childhood trauma is responsible for this and I am not, despite once telling the manager of a Costco that I am, severely epileptic. I did. I really did. I’m not proud of it, but neither have I ever claimed to be a good person. Point being, not driving is – and always has been – all me. And it sort of sucks. Particularly times like now when I make myself think about it.

The passage of time has only made it a more difficult and seemingly insurmountable obstacle, even though I know that’s not really true. A challenge? Probably. Impossible? No.

The last time I was behind the wheel of a car was several years ago on a snowy road in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming with Dr. (then Mr.) Clean. A year from now, hopefully I can report an updated version.


2 thoughts on “reverb10: 18

  1. Jenny, no one understands this better than me. Perhaps it’s genetic. I finally conceded that I had to drive at the age of 29 because Houston had no decent public transportation. You’ll drive when either you or your needs require it.

  2. oh i like this! i like this very much! i might even be willing to give you a driving lesson. i didn’t start driving til i was nearly 19 – and that seemed crazy old then compared to my peers. for me, i was deathly afraid of having to control a large rock going 50-60 mph and not knowing if others would be able to control their cars equally. sounds odd, i know, because i was fine being a passenger. but i am a drive lover now. i mean, i LOVE it. maybe some day you will love it too. you never know!

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