reverb10: 24

Prompt: Everything’s OK. What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

I’m playing a little reverb catch-up today. I received and faithfully read the prompts each night while I was home for Christmas, but in between all the eating and skiing and board gaming, it felt a little too much like *work* to tackle this every day. This prompt in particular is one that I’ve gone back and forth on the last few days. Part of me wants to resist the notion that things are – or were – not alright. Obviously, there was certainly some not alrightness in the last year, though mercifully less so than the year before. And it would be completely disingenuous of me to deny that I am someone who gobbles up those moments when it all clicks and things seem measurably better. I love those moments and am grateful to have been dished up a nice helping of them in 2010.

But… I’ve covered a lot of that already. Hood to Coast, all the fun family stuff, trivia, my kickass friends… Lots of alright right there, for sure, but it’s old reverb news. Maybe 2010 was just a couple flashes of clarity on a quieter base of general goodness. After so much time spent searching for meaning in every damn thing, it was nice to have that consistency.

But then last night, out for drinks with Molly on one of the last trips home when we’ll both be there for quite awhile, she gave me a spectacular collection of birthday/Christmas gifts. And the card that instructed me on the order in which to open them affirmed just how very alright life is these days.


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