I might be sticking around for awhile…

So, that reverb10 business was actually kinda fun. In the spirit of sort-of-forced blogging, I’m thinking about taking part in The Daily Post, a project set up by WordPress, the home of this here blog.

I may post every day, I may not. Some of them may be good and interesting, some of them probably won’t be. Feel free to read, comment, encourage and (if things get super ugly) discourage me from continuing.

I believe it was the second reverb prompt that asked me to think about what in my daily life keeps me from writing. A big part of it is too much self-awareness and discomfort with the navel gazing aspect of blogging. I’m not sure if it’s that I don’t know what to say or that I have nothing (nothing important at least) to say. Maybe if I write with more regularity, purpose and discipline, I can puzzle some of that out.

I think this attempt at regular, if not daily writing is the closest I’ll get to a resolution this year. Here’s hoping I don’t crap out in the first week.


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