I want to go to there

I sort of like the first topic in this Daily Post deal and sort of don’t like the other ones so far. I’m going to try and not kill absolutely all the fun in this by obsessing over how often I write.

So, first topic:

List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

I am such a sorry excuse for a human being in some respects. Traveling (or lack thereof) is one of them. I have left these United States exactly once, several years ago, to spend a long weekend in Vancouver, B.C. It was right near the tail end of when you could scoot back and forth across North America without a passport, so I didn’t even have to get one before the trip. Other than that, my traveling has been exclusively limited to the U.S. – and not even super adventurously here. I kick myself sometimes for not studying abroad in college. I don’t even have a very good reason for why I stayed put in Salem, other than that I was having a pretty good time doing what I was doing and didn’t see any need to dash off to a foreign land where my friends wouldn’t be and where the food might be weird. So basically I was a big dummy.

I am now in possession of a passport that I’ve never used – obtained awhile back for a trip that mercifully never actually materialized. I’d like to put some miles on it though before I kick it, and would happily christen it with a trip to any of these three countries.

1. Italy. Sometime during or shortly after the 2002 Winter Olympics, Molly and I had a rapid fire conversation, in the course of which we decided that we should go to Turin, Italy during, no after, no during, no after, no… wait – we should go *after* the 2006 Winter Olympics that were going to be held there. Molly had spent her junior year of college in Florence and was itching to go back. I, a year post-college, had realized how stupid I was to not have traveled and wanted to go, well… anywhere. Us, together in Italy seemed a capital idea. We figured that four years later we’d surely be raking in the dough and it’d be a breeze to dash off to the land of vino and pasta – in our own awesome Polly and Penny way of course, not some Eat Pray Love bullshit. Well, four years later I was squarely in the middle of graduate school and Molly was doing her post-collegiate volunteery thing in Philly. We were not raking in the dough and our big trip around that time was to meet in Vegas for a long weekend. Fabulous fun, but definitely not Italy.

2. Belize. I think this desire came from one of the getting-to-know-you conversations I had with my pal Rachel when she first moved in with me a couple and a half years ago. She told me about a spectacular trip she’d taken to Belize, showed me tons of pictures and I was hooked. I really don’t think that she – savvy and extensive world traveler that she is – would have sold it to me this way, so I’m probably confusing it with something I read somewhere, but some of the things that draw me to Belize include the fact that it is an English-speaking nation and they accept American currency. That is so lame, I know, but it might be a decent “starter” country for a rube like me. Plus, it looks really shiny and blue and pretty.

3. Scotland. When I was a kid, I *loved* poring over this book that I think we got as a gift from my paternal grandparents, Scottish Clans and Tartans. In addition to the Titanic, Anne Frank and the Romanov family (I was such a weirdo), genealogy was one of my favorite things to learn about. The Robinsons are apparently descended from the Gunn clan, I remember that from the book. Other than my Cherokee heritage, the Scottish bit is the part that interests me the most. Plus, I have made no secret of the fact that I want to marry and have ten thousand babies with one of my favorite (Scottish) bands – Frightened Rabbit. Those all seem like pretty rock solid reasons to hop across the pond.


3 thoughts on “I want to go to there

  1. Actually I think “starter country” is the exact phrase I used to describe Belize. And it is! But also totally spectacular. Scotland also rocks my world (well, I’ve only been to Edinburgh – I really want to go to the Highlands).

    You will be amused to hear I watched a decent chunk of “Eat, Pray, Love” on my most recent flight from Michigan. I think you can probably guess how I felt about it. The word “craptacular” comes to mind.

  2. Oh good – now I feel slightly less lame. 🙂

    Ugh. I am afraid I’ll watch that movie some day when I’m home sick or something and don’t have the will to fight my lesser instincts.

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