You and Me

WordPress posted a link today to some tips for bloggers that are very helpful. Some excerpts that WP highlighted:

You must decide what your blog is “about.” Decide who your audience will be, and write for them. Don’t try to be all things to all people.

Blog consistently…Readers want to get a regular infusion of your genius…Do what you are comfortable with, but do it habitually.

The more you interact with your readers, the better…Solicit comments and thank your commenters!

I’m on board with most of that advice (as well as the rest of the longer post), but I’m not sure I know what this here blog is “about.” Do I need to know that? Do I have to articulate it? Should there by a mission, vision & values statement? I’m mostly okay with keeping it easy breezy, but I also know that in doing so I run the risk of getting bored with myself, as I wrote about back when I resurrected this thing in December.

I guess in the spirit of interacting with my readers, I’m asking y’all what you think. Do I need more of a direction, or will you keep reading if I keep posting about dogs and trivia and all the other stuff that goes into the business of being JP? And while we’re on the topic, I am crazy curious about who all reads this. I know who some of you are, but I got 74 visits yesterday and wonder who else is included in that group. Friends? Foes? Do I actually have foes? I’m not too proud – and just vain enough at the same time – to say that I sorta dig the attention, even if it’s partly anonymous.

Thanks for reading. I really do appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “You and Me

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  2. well, i connect developing theme/content to growing your blog base. if you are content with friends reading it, they will read simply to see what you’re talking about because it’s you writing it. if you want to expand your blog, that gives more reason for content shaping.

    me – none of my friends really know i’ve got my wordpress blog because i won’t advertise it on my facebook page since i don’t want my family members to then see it. my sister, in particular, is ms. snoops-a-lot and i just don’t need to give her more ammo to criticize me with at a later date. however, if you would like to advertise me on your fb or blog, go for it! i get maybe a hit a day and that’s just the blog scanner robot. so really, i guess i don’t care so much if/when i blog and content because it’s pretty much become a diary. a very dry, boring, lifeless diary.


    maybe i will go blog now. bye!

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