The Passion of the Penny

The Reverb folks appear to be rested and rejuvenated after December’s prompting frenzy . I received an e-mail from them this morning with the happy news that they will be sending out monthly prompts and tools and other writing-inducing goodness. I know I was ten kinds of bitchy about some of the Reverb10 prompts, but in the end I really did love that project. I plan on writing in response to their February prompt soonish, but before that…

One of the sites that the Reverb gals recommended as a source of possible creative inspiration is this place, where a different theme is assigned each month. I kinda like this idea, but I should also admit that I dismissed some of the other suggested sites out of hand because I already wrote an e-mail to myself last year and I am categorically opposed to most things Oprah-related, with the exception of her guest appearance on 30 Rock. “I’m snitting next to Borpo” might be the five funniest words ever uttered on television. Coincidentally, “This racket is a fart” is second on that list and also from 30 Rock…

Jesus. Rein it in, Robinson. Okay, back to the point. The February theme from the Creative Every Day Challenge is Passion. I was tempted to skip right past it until I saw this suggestion:

*Try doing everything with passion for one day.

This is going to be so good. Tomorrow, February 4, will be my passion-filled day. And no, not in a sexytimes way. I’m choosing tomorrow because these are just some of the things I have planned and I cannot wait to see how spectacularly awkward it is to try and do them passionately:

1. Give blood.
2. Visit the PB&J cart for an afternoon snack with a pal.
3. Play some new dancing video game thing at Joe and Tony’s.

And of course, the usual things that I will attack passionately – riding the bus, checking Facebook, work…

Obviously, I will passionately report back after tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The Passion of the Penny

  1. i tape oprah everyday. i also watch her behind-the-scenes show about the oprah show on OWN, her network. i don’t watch every oprah show, but i probably watch 50% of them – depends on the topic. i also sometimes watch these shows on a network called veria, which is all alternative therapies/zen/bullshit stuff. see, some of it (including opes, here) is total eye-rolling foo-foo crap. some is kind of enlightening. i mean, i could sit here and rip on the whole liz lemon worship, but i like elements of that character. there is cheez in everything. i don’t know why i’m explaining this. i’ll tiptoe away now…

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