March Miscellany

Spring must be just around the corner. How else to account for this sudden urge to clean house – literally and electronically? Other than, y’know, the fact that I like to clean practically more than anything in the world… I’ve been letting posts pile up in draft form for awhile now, but none of them are super strong stand-alones, so I figure I can sort of mash a few of them together and call it potpourri. I’ll spare you my responses to some of the more recent topics – no one needs a treatise on how long I could (or more accurately, couldn’t) go without a shower.

The Daily Post’s Topic #29: If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

I have been so fully indoctrinated by the undead (Buffy, Angel, et al., not that Twilight crap, thankyouverymuch) that my first thought when I read this was, “Are we talking vampire forever here?” Not actual vampire, per se, but more – would I continue to age, or would that stop at some point and I’d be perpetually 80ish?

I think that wondering about it that way keeps me from actually facing the fact that I’m not going to be here forever. If you know me well, you know that I’m pretty much an open book. Death however is one topic I do not do so well with. That sentence right there is a prime reason why I don’t talk about it much. I reread that and think, “Well no shit, dummy. Who *does* do well with it?!” I don’t know how to write about my fear of death in a way that doesn’t sound utterly vapid to me, much less how it might come across to anyone else.

To consider whether or not I would want to live forever is to have to consider being here without all the people I have loved – assuming of course that there isn’t a nifty clause in there that lets me bring them along. And to think about that – the loneliness that would come with being left behind – is pretty awful.

But then, some nine-year-old boy part of me starts thinking about all the cool futuristic stuff I might get to experience and it sorta seems worth it. Laser eyes! Flying cars! Time machines! Okay wait, maybe I just want to live inside the Back to the Future franchise…

Anyway, I’m not sure about this one. Maybe because, if I’m being totally honest, it isn’t death that I’m really afraid of; it’s being forgotten.

The Daily Post’s Topic #37: Describe the one who got away. It could be a person, a thing, an idea, anything.

I can do this one super quick. Being a doctor. I thought for a long time that it was what I wanted, and then I took Chemistry during my first semester of college and let that abject failure squash the dream right quick. I have resurrected the idea periodically over the years, but never gotten much further than thinking about it. Now, as I stand so close I can practically taste it to the biggest professional success of my life, those two letters after my name seem less important than they used to. I have a job I love and plus, I have three letters after my name.

The Daily Post, #42: What is your favorite word? Why?
Bonuses: What is your least favorite word? What word are you entirely neutral about? For all your word choices, is it how they sound, or what they mean that defines your opinion of them?

This inspires a level of paralysis similar to the one awhile back when I had to pick one music album to bring with me to a deserted island. Words are neat and I like them a lot. In fact, the only thing I really don’t like about words is when people mispronounce them.


One of my favorite wordy type people is this one cool, librarian chick. Serenity is a willing audience when I come across something gross in my daily travels that I feel compelled to share with someone. She has received e-mails from me that contain nothing but phrases like “sputum collection.”

We had a brief exchange awhile back about what is probably one of my top five favorite words right now.

Me: I also was thinking last night on my way home (listening to a song that uses this word) that I really like “unslakable” but I don’t really like “slake.”

Serenity: Unslakable IS a really great word, but you’re right, slake leaves my word thirst unslaked.

Or maybe we just like “unslakable” because it kind of sounds like Slanket.

Et fini. Now my draft folder is very nearly spotless, save this one draft that is so full of goodness I can hardly wait to hit “Publish.” I have not gotten the appropriate forms signed and stamped however, so I’ll continue to sit on it for the time being.

Kinda leaves your curiosity the tiniest bit unslaked, doesn’t it?


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