This One Guy I’ve Been in Love With for About 15 Years

The Daily Post, Topic #67: If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?

Ooh goody – an easy one! I love the prompts where I know my answer even before I’ve finished reading the question.

Zachary Martin “Zooey” Glass.

She's a doll, but my heart belongs to him.

I began reading Salinger at the same time in life as approximately every other human being on the planet. I’m pretty sure I started with Catcher in the Rye and I think Nine Stories was next. I can’t remember if it was high school or college by the time I got to Franny and Zooey, but I do remember that somewhere around the description of Zooey as, “the blue-eyed Jewish-Irish Mohican scout who died in your arms at the roulette table at Monte Carlo,” I realized that I had actually fallen in love with a fictional character.

Franny and Zooey has been my go-to read for a long time now. I pick it up once a year or so, and even though sometimes I want to skip Franny and get straight to Zooey, I always make myself read it through, beginning to end. I enjoy the dear girl’s story, but I love hanging out in that bathroom with Z so much more.

Of course, if I *really* had my choice, I’d bring the whole damn Glass family to life for a day, Seymour included. If it’s only one though, it’s Zooey all the way. I’d even be content to just sit on the other side of the bath curtain and let him read his letter in peace.


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