The Daily Post – Topic #71: Write a haiku about something that drives you nuts.

You are not pregnant.
She is. So get off your ass.
Public transit plea.


2 thoughts on “5-7-5

  1. This is a fantastic haiku. There is probably nothing that makes me feel more self-righteous than standing up for a pregnant lady in a train full of sitting-down men. But it shouldn’t–sistahs gotta have each other’s backs.

  2. It was so frustrating the other day to watch this happen, yet again, from halfway back on the bus where I couldn’t really do anything.

    I’ve figured out over the last year or so that the only thing that consistently raises my ire to dangerous levels is rude and inconsiderate behavior on public transportation. I forgive, tolerate and/or am oblivious to all sorts of stuff in open public; on a bus, for some reason, I notice every damn thing.

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