Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

I’ve ignored the photobloggage portion of the WordPress Daily Post challenge thing, but this one caught my eye today. It reminded me of one photo from a series of pictures that I took during one of my snowshoeing adventures this winter. I never posted any of them because my computer was being a poop for awhile and frankly, I sort of wanted to forget the whole trip. It wasn’t the worst ever, but what was supposed to be a nice Sunday jaunt around Trillium Lake turned into a lost in the woods – though never dangerously so – debacle that ended with a three mile walk on Highway 26 – a bit more dangerous – back to the car.

Once we realized that we were not really making any headway with our “Let’s listen for the sound of the highway and try to walk parallel to it” plan of attack, my two companions and I decided to make our way directly towards civilization, rather than creep unsuccessfully alongside it. We ended up stumbling out of the trees and smack into a semi-ritzy development of vacation homes. This one thing we saw before we began our trek up the highway was super neat, definitely the highlight of the day for me (other than not getting hit by a car), and certainly very line-y.


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