Let’s Hope it Never Comes to This

The Daily Post – Topic #254: What person, real or fictional, living or dead, would you want to share a foxhole with if you were on a battlefield?

A few months ago, Joe made up a really awesome game. Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse Team. Who do you want on your side when (not if) the zombie apocalypse comes? There are all sorts of rules – equal numbers of men and women, no couples, etc. I thought it sounded pretty much like the best game ever and started drafting my team. A couple other people got in on the action and it quickly became very clear that there was one individual that we all wanted on our team. One man who – when the zombies come for my brains – I want by my side. My friend, Orion.

Would you mess with him?

It’s impossible to think about a foxhole and not think about Band of Brothers. And when I think about my band of brothers and who among them I’d choose, the answer is still Orion. For the last several years he’s been like the big brother I never had, and even though this utter devotion and trust I’m placing in him could turn around and bite me in the ass – or brains, as the case may be – I’d still want him, more than anyone else, next to me in a foxhole.

Also, I once overheard Orion say this via headset to a guy he was playing video games with: “I’m going to eat your Portuguese face!!!” I’m pretty sure there’s only one side of that argument that you want to be on.

And finally, when I think foxhole and Orion I think about how, a few years ago, we were talking about the Jolie-Pitt kids (Brad and Angie, obv) and he said that a Jolie-Pitt sounded like some kind of WWI-era weapon. Savage and humorous. Live or die, that’s not a bad combination.

Orion, in a foxhole, with a Jolie-Pitt. Done.


One thought on “Let’s Hope it Never Comes to This

  1. This is very very funny. I still think a Jolie-Pitt could be an epic lifesaver. Might build one in my front yard for the dogs that continually use it for their potty.

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