Things of an Autumnal Nature

Guys, I think I’m finally ready to admit that it’s fall. I went on my last run of the summer yesterday and said my goodbyes. Yeah, I know that technically summer ended 33 days ago, but I operate on my own schedule and any day when I can squeeze even the beginning of a post-work run into daylight hours still counts as summer. I think yesterday was the last of those outings for now. The majority of 6.5 miles might have been in darkness, but I got a little bit of sunny, scrambling, trail running in and it was lovely.

And now, on *my* first day of Fall 2011, I feel like celebrating some of the stuff I’m looking forward to in the near future.

– Planning the majority of my outfits between now and approximately May around how often I can wear the best boots ever, aka the smartest purchase I made last year. Mine are cherry brown and beautiful.

– Sweater dresses for daytime. Slanket(s) for nighttime. Sometimes both at the same time.

– The countdown to EGGNOG LATTE SEASON.

– Going home for Thanksgiving and getting out here.

Mt. Bachelor

– Which will make me feel a little less guilty about eating like this.

It'll probably be more like this x2.

– Soup. So much soup. I made this roasted vegetable soup tonight for dinner. It went kinda like this.

essential provisions

You know how food just tastes better outside, like when you’re camping or at the beach or a barbecue? For me, beer always tastes best when I’m cooking.

Then I cut up and roasted a whole mess of vegetables.

We're gonna need a bigger pot.

In the end, it looked like this.

I do not believe in cheese as a garnish. It is meant to be a lead actor.

Next up, I’ll be trying my hand at this recipe. Its creator is a super neato chick whose food photos are precisely what I wish mine were in real life and not just in my head – gorgeous and simple.

2011, you have been a wonder and a joy from the moment we met. Let’s really live it up these next two months before I have to say what is going to be a very difficult goodbye to you.


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