Of Stars and Boys and Buffy

Val gets totally excited to read her horoscope each month until she remembers they’re utter crap. What’s your view on horoscopes?

Whenever I meet someone new who I think might end up being an important part of my life, I invariably spend a minute with this book to see if our developing relationship is destined to be more of the friend or foe variety.

It’s a medium-funnish book that is really pretty vague as far as astrological predictions go. I mean, one could read this bit from the summary of a Sagittarius I/Capricorn-Aquarius relationship (me and Joe) a few different ways. “To the extent that the relationship serves as a shelter in the storm, it may have both positive and negative effects on the personal development of its partners.” Take, for example, the summer of 2002. Joe and I retreated from the world with such singular and spectacular focus that we were able to watch six entire seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in five and a half weeks. We made a commitment to engaging at least once a day with the outside world (other than at work or with each other). In the beginning this looked like meeting friends for drinks on a Saturday during the break between afternoon and evening marathon viewing sessions. By early August we were counting “Thank you” to the sandwich artists at Subway as our social interaction for the day. My friendship with Joe as a shelter from the storm? A world of yes. Has personal development really ever been our focus? What a silly question.

My other constant horoscope behavior has to do with the horoscopes I check other than my own. I can’t remember if this started in high school or college, but the surest way to know which boy I like (or who I’m not over yet) is which non-Sagittarius horoscope I read first. I’m certain I’m not alone in this. It’s a silly little marker of time and sometimes progress when I realize that I’ve stopped (or started) checking a certain sign.

I’m squarely on the fence about whether or not to go for a run right now. I think I’m going to go in search of today’s horoscope to help me decide.


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