Things Mindy Kaling Bought That I Love (Sort Of)

What shoes are you wearing?

These are on my feet (and ankles and calves) right now.

I love these boots. I almost feel bad that I love them as much as I do because this time last year, my heart belonged to these boots.

I still love the old boots, but I don’t wear them as much as I used to, or as much as I promised them I still would when I came home a few weeks ago with the pretty new pair.

As far as I know, Mindy Kaling does not own either of these pairs of boots. But my love for them (both of you, Old Boots, BOTH of you) is similar to Mindy’s love of some of her possessions. A few years ago, I discovered this awesome blog that Mindy used to write, Things I’ve Bought That I Love . It was funny and smart and full of all kinds of pretty products – some of which I might actually be inclined to buy and some of which were just fun to look at. It made me happy to read smart words from a smart lady who also happens to like lip gloss and ballet flats and Candy Cane Joe-Joes. But then Mindy got busier with The Office (co-executive producing, writing AND acting, yo) and she stopped updating her nifty blog. But then she wrote a book (which I pre-ordered a few months before it came out and yet still haven’t read) and started a shiny new website where she talks about stuff she bought that she loves, much like before.

I am very glad that all of this happened, because if it hadn’t, I would never have read this post (whoa, that’s a lotta links today!) and would never have discovered this beautiful creature.

Dudes, eye shadow has never been so much fun. I love the colors, I love how well they all go together (sometimes I wear four of them at once and it works!) and I love how they go on easily and stay on all day. If you like smearing stuff on your eyelids (even just sometimes), I highly recommend buying this.

The Naked Palette by Urban Decay; it might be this year’s Slanket.


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