Every Single Night, The Same Arrangement

About three months ago, I totally shot myself in the foot. As 2011 began winding down, I said more than once, “Welp, guess I better get ready for 2012 to suck. There’s no way I could get lucky enough to have two awesome years in a row.” Poor form, Robinson. Poor, poor form. First of all, that’s ridiculous. Second, self-fulfilling prophecy much? To be fair, 2011 set a gold standard that is probably really hard for three-month-old 2012 to live up to. I mean, 2011 was by far the best year of my life, to date. Where do you go from there? And it’s not that there hasn’t been good stuff the last three months or that there isn’t good stuff up ahead, but comparatively, the colors of 2012 (so far) are just a little less vivid than last year. That awesome boss guy that is the sole reason I can call myself a published author? He left Portland for New York a few weeks ago. Baby niece is still the best thing in the history of ever, but I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like and that makes me sad. My Hood to Coast team didn’t get an entry into this year’s race and I’m even thinking about growing out the bangs. So, yeah. 2011 this is not.

This all sort of came to a head a few nights ago when I got home from yoga, settled in at Slanket & Couch with some Pasta Roni white cheddar shells and realized, ugh. THIS? Again?! And then I thought the same thing that those of you who know me best might be thinking. “What the hell? You LOVE all that shit!” I’m telling you, it was dire. Or as dire as a situation can be when your biggest complaint is that you’re tired of doing stuff you really like over and over and over and you sort of feel like an asshole for even thinking that way. And dear God, please understand that NONE of this is an actual serious complaint about anything in my life. It is more just a realization that it might be time to mix it up a bit.

And then. And then…. Something awesome. I saw something on the internet that gave me hope that there might be a way to reverse at least one of the tiny disappointments mentioned above. In 2011, Nuun sponsored two Hood to Coast teams. Twelve ladies per team and as far as I can tell, the only criteria for being selected was that they had to have a blog. I totally love Nuun. It’s what I drink during bikram yoga and after running and when hungover. I followed some of the pre-HTC press for the 2011 Nuun teams, read a few of the ladies’ blogs and then totally lost my shit when I met the women from one of the vans in the Sandy Safeway parking lot during the first day of HTC last summer. Scroll about halfway down this page for a picture of me getting my Nuun tattoo. This picture was taken about a minute after I nearly attacked them with, “Oh my God! Are you guys the Nuun team? I totally know about you! WHOA. I feel like I’m meeting celebrities!” They laughed and were gracious and casually tossed, “You should apply to run with us next year!” over their shoulders as they walked away.

I thought about that suggestion when I found out that my beloved Jack Asphalts didn’t make the lottery for 2012, but couldn’t find anything online about whether or not Nuun was sponsoring teams again. Until a few nights ago, when I did. It appears that they’re going to start accepting applications soon. Believe me when I say that it was instantaneous, weapons grade, 2011 level excitement when I discovered this. I had trouble falling asleep that night and have kept such a watchful eye on the Nuun website ever since that it puts ALL my past internet stalking activities to shame.


So far this year I’ve got one half marathon behind me, one up ahead in another three weeks, a recently decided upon Newport Marathon on June 2 and the Portland Marathon again in October. I am excited about all of these races and entered this year committed to not just running them or even running them well, but to running them progressively faster and harder and better. If this distance running thing is going to stick around – and it seems like it is – might as well aim for improvement. I can’t really think of any better way to push myself than to do it with the goal of earning a spot on a team of awesome lady runners and then training hard to deserve that spot. Plus, I’ve gotta get some use out of these shoes that I can’t seem to stop purchasing.

A different type of lady shoe problem

I have a feeling that the competition for the twenty-four spots on the Nuun teams is going to be fierce. I’m sure it goes without saying that I will be monumentally disappointed if I’m not selected. But damn if it doesn’t feel nice to be working toward something again.


4 thoughts on “Every Single Night, The Same Arrangement

  1. They are fielding 3 teams this year. Rumor has it that this year they will be doing either a mixed team or men’s team for one of the three and a ‘competitive’ team for one as well (though perhaps the mixed and the ‘competitive’ will be one and the same). And they will probably have a couple staffers in there again…so we’re looking at 30 spots total. And they are only allowing half of us last year’s runners in, so that means 20 new runners/bloggers. They haven’t told anyone what sort of application they will be wanting this year, but last year’s was a ‘creative’ application and had nothing to do with speed, which was the only reason I got on the team…I was the slowest, oldest person on the team. But man, was it FUN!!!! Good luck to you with your application 🙂

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for the input. HTC has consistently been one of the best parts of my year for the last few years, so I would love to run again as part of a Nuun team. 🙂

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