This is my 100th post. How in God’s name have I had enough to say to fill 100 posts? Don’t worry, I’m not going to use this space to do some sort of uber-navel gazing retrospective. Gross. If you’re new here and interested in what filled the 99 missives before this, I can make it super easy to get caught up. Documenting my experiment with a month of not drinking (Ocsober) kicked the whole thing off. Then there was some other stuff. Then some odes to Slankets and dogs and cheese and fireworks and running. Then a whole lot about my sweet baby niece, Avery. Then some marathon madness. Then some more about Slankets et al. Now here we are. And let me tell you, folks, this little corner of my world is about to develop a very singular focus.

When last we spoke, I had just learned that Nuun, the most delicious of refreshing and hydrating electrolyte replacement drinks was going to be sponsoring Hood to Coast teams for the second year in a row. In the time since, Nuun released the call for applications, along with the spectacular news that they will be sponsoring not one, not two, but THREE teams this year. The criteria? Be female. Have an active blog. That’s it. The application info has been an open tab on my internet browser since it was posted eight days ago.

Do you doubt my level of excitement?

Those are Nuun tabs, for the uninitiated.

Yes, that does mean that I have handled every single one of the Nuun tabs in my possession. Maybe think twice before accepting a glass of it if I offer you one any time in the near future.

So, I was feeling all jazzed and good and motivated about this whole business until I read the application instructions a little more carefully. “We want to meet you through your application. Pictures and videos are preferred, but anything goes…so get creative!” You want to meet me? You want creative? Well, WHICH IS IT PEOPLE? Because I’m pretty sure there’s a mutual exclusivity there that handicaps me straight outta the gate. Sure, I could write an application – hell, I could even submit this post as my application. But ALL the applicants are going to be bloggers, so suddenly that’s not looking like such a hot option. And while I love taking pictures, I have always made up in quantity what I lack in quality. Which means I have taken A LOT of pictures. And video? Are you kidding me?

But then… Then… a stroke of inspiration so sudden and sure that I’m not even questioning it. I’m going to roll with the concept I thought up about a week ago and hope that it works its way out of my head intact and a winner. Because I don’t trust myself not to destroy my own good idea, I have assembled a brain trust of some of the funniest and most creative people I know to help me put this all together in a few days. They are so talented and capable that if I don’t earn a spot on one of the teams with my application, the failure will be mine and mine alone.

I very much hope that my 101st post will be of a celebratory nature.


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