Vegas Vacation… Sort of

I have done Vegas many different ways. My first trip in 2002 was with my mom and included taking in a show featuring topless showgirls. With MY MOM, in case you missed that. I’ve always been quick to add, “Oh, but it totally wasn’t weird or sleazy at all! It was more sort of old … Continue reading


“The grace and absurdity of human endeavor.” I had really been debating whether or not to write this tonight. I’ve written before and after almost all of the five marathons I’ve run so far. Tomorrow is #6, and yet I’ve been tempted to let it pass without documentation (save obnoxious Facebook posts the last few … Continue reading


About 48 hours ago, I was hosting a very successful pity party. Wildly successful. If it had been a real party, we would have been talking open bar, passed apps, full dinner, the whole deal. I posted here for the first time in over four months about how my Eugene Marathon training had hit a … Continue reading

Five by Five(ish)

Two weeks from now, I’ll be a few hours into five days of enjoying this view. I will have completed my fifth marathon earlier that morning, shortly before 11:00 a.m. if all goes according to plan. Waiting for me at the finish line in the morning and sitting next to me on that deck with … Continue reading

Hell and High Water

To say that it rained in Sacramento last Sunday morning is as inadequate as saying that I went for a little jog last Sunday morning. Drenching, relentless rain. Wild, gusting winds. All of that for roughly 23 of 26.2 miles. And genuinely, truly, surprisingly, I loved every second of it. There are a LOT of … Continue reading

Born to Run

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I was born to be a ballerina and choosing the path of least resistance was a mistake my (likely very weary) mother made when she let me quit ballet at the tender age of six. Maybe I was born to Slanket up and hold down a couch every night, and each … Continue reading

Effort and Ease

There are 26 poses in bikram yoga (that sweaty, gross, baffling thing that I have grown steadily more addicted to over the last couple of years). 26 poses that never vary; performed in 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees. My favorite instructor, Tom, often likes to sprinkle bits of yogic wisdom throughout … Continue reading

Ragnar Relay Recap

Five weeks ago at this time, I was on a train bound for Seattle, getting ready to run the Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay. It’s taken me this long to even think about sitting down and writing about it due to equal parts laziness and simply not knowing where to begin. And then I saw Dawn’s … Continue reading

Northbound, Nuun, Neon

And just like that, nearly three months have flown by and it’s Ragnar time! Hard to believe that way back in April I was afraid I wouldn’t be running any relays this summer and now I’m heading to Seattle to meet up with the rest of my Nuun-sponsored teammates to run the Ragnar Northwest Passage … Continue reading

The Time Traveler’s Vagina

This post was originally going to be titled, “Slurpee Summer” or something cute like that. I was going to write about how in two upcoming relay races (next weekend’s Ragnar Northwest Passage and August’s Hood to Coast) I am running Legs 7 and 11, respectively. AND today is 7/11, which means it’s Free Slurpee Day … Continue reading