Here Comes the Sun

I am two days pre-marathon. Is this what being in the eye of a storm feels like? I think it must be. Come what may, it will all be over in less than 48 hours and between now and then it may get swirly and unpredictable and possibly very, very bad. But for now… calm. … Continue reading

Five for Fall

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald It is not exactly crisp yet as I write this on an early October Sunday that topped out at 85 degrees earlier today. Portland managed to pull out one of its most spectacular summers in years and I think … Continue reading

Riding In Vans With Strangers

I don’t do team sports. I mean, I did do team sports for years; I just don’t anymore. There was a season of volleyball and a season of basketball and so so so many years of softball. Jesus, all the softball. I should have quit while I was ahead with that sport – which means … Continue reading

Grady Little’s Big Mistake

Have you read the one about The Dooze? I sure have. I’ve read it so many times. Most recently, last night, because I’m a big believer in kicking myself when I’m down. The link up there is, in my opinion, the very best thing Bill Simmons has written or ever will write – and I … Continue reading

Seattle to Hood to Coast

Marathons are so last month. It’s August, which means… it’s time. It’s time to relay. Despite a break last year (after five straight AugustsĀ of togetherness), turns out that I just can’t quit you, Hood to Coast. We started out strong in 2008 and fell in love real hard, real fast. And then we had some … Continue reading

Joy. Nostalgia. Lament.

Who knew that in order to uncover the most succinct way of describing (defending perhaps?) what I’m all about, I’d have to go to Butte, Montana? But that is in fact where I found myself last Friday evening, a few short hours after landing in Missoula for a long weekend of fun and marathoning. As … Continue reading

Imagining Immensities

Internet rabbit holes can be such disturbing and dangerous places. A couple of months ago I found myself down one after reading a thing somewhere about teratomas. A few clicks and before I knew it, I was places that NO ONE SHOULD EVER GO. The human body, guys. It’s capable of amazing things and it’s … Continue reading

Flow Forward

Last Sunday morning, while I was running the California International Marathon, Facebook and Twitter were clogging up the feeds of my nearest and dearest with obnoxious posts about my splits. Thankfully, y’all are in fact my nearest and dearest for a reason, and some hours later, when I got back to my phone, I had … Continue reading

It’s Always Sunny in Sacramento?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… Actually, before we go any further, can we just pause for a moment to revisit this gem that I think about every single time I read or hear the “Fool me once” thing? I mean, it is just SO GOOD. Oh, that guy. “Fool me can’t … Continue reading